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Regret is an intelligent (and/or emotional) dislike for personal past acts and behaviors. Regret is often felt when someone feels sadness, shame, embarrassment, depression or guilt after committing an action or actions that the person later wishes that he or she had not done. Regret is distinct from guilt, which is a deeply emotional form of regret — one which may be difficult to comprehend in an objective or conceptual way. In this regard, the concept of regret is subordinate to guilt in terms of its emotional intensity. By comparison, shame typically refers to the social (rather than personal) aspect of guilt or (in minor context) regret as imposed by the society or culture (enforcement of ethics, morality), which has substantial bearing in matters of (personal and social) honor.

Regret can describe not only the dislike for an action that has been committed, but also, importantly, regret of inaction. Many people find themselves wishing that they had done something in a past situation.

regret.....by the definiton by Wikipedia.....

have you ever felt such emotion???what did you do about it?.....

given a chance......if only i could turn back time.....i wont do it...... hurting someone whom should i cherished the most....

and i believed that my SORRY wasnt enough for the person to forgive me....

have you exprerience being on the situation......your so desperate to have a partner in life and to your desperation it's as if kulang na lang mag lagay ka ng karatula or bibitbit ka na karatola saying " wanted partner in life"....

these past days/week... i experienced such. i dont know why but its as if i feel so empty and i want somebody would fill those emptyness in me.....

there were sleepless days (well im on a GY shift, so basically my sleeping time is day time...getch?) crying under my pillow and the only question on my mind is WHY?

Why i was so in a hurry to have that someone be mine...its as if i was thinking that everything will be OK in just a split second..but a was WRONG...really really really WRONG...

I'm sorry... from the bottom on my my heart...really...im so so so sorry.... kung di lang sana ako nag madali.... i know that my sorry is NOT enough.... kahit pa siguro mag lupasay ako ngayon...wala na talaga....

maybe you're a little bit puzzled what am talking about....ok here it is...the story...and i know after you read this....you gonna hate me....that way i hate may self..... :(

.......for those who wanna know the real story....PM me... or maybe if i have time ill continue this...

chow... c",)

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In Your Hand


as i am working on my reports i listen to several songs in my CP and as this song is playing....i feel so Secure realizing that God is Holding me in His Hands and He'll never let me go....

here's the lyrics. :)


I'm so secure, You're here with me
You stay the same, Your love remains here in my heart

So close I believe, You're holding me now
In Your Hands I belong, You'll never let me go
So close I believe You're holding me now
In Your Hands I belong, You'll never let me go

You gave your life
In Your endless love
You set me free
And showed the way
Now I am found

All along, You were beside me
Even when I could'nt tell
Through the years, You showed me more of You, more of You

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Being You


Everyday, find out
who you are, and be

Decide what comes
first, and do that.

Discover your
strenghts, and use

learn not to
compete with
others, because no
one else is in the
contest of


You are fearfully and
wonderfully made,
and there's only one
YOU in this world....

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